Season-less dressing, what does this mean?  For me, I find myself really wearing the same weight of shirts, dresses, pants, cardigans, and skirts year round.  The day of switching out the winter to summer wardrobe is not as big an event as it used to be. We all have some pieces that are definitely one season only but for the most part we are ending up with a year round wardrobe. 

Saving money is the biggest benefit of having a year round wardrobe.  These items are used more frequently and should work easily with the majority of our wardrobe.  This is where you put your money in quality.  All of us need those few basics in our wardrobe that make us look and feel good regardless of the season.  So what are these pieces of magic? 

This really depends on your lifestyle but if you are like me and need something that is a little more business appropriate I found a great list in Lois Joy Johnson's book "The Wardrobe Wakeup; Your Guide to Looking Fabulous at Any Age" 2012, Running Press.  By the way, this is a great book with really good ideas that are doable and not way out there.

According to Lois Joy Johnson, a season-less wardrobe would have the following:

  • Cropped jeans or slim cropped pants
  • Classic tan trench coat
  • Long tanks
  • Dark neutral pencil skirt
  • Cotton/cashmere V-necks
  • Nude shoes and boots
  • Fresh white cotton shirt
  • Tailored, body skimming dress
  • Three-quarter sleeve cardigans
  • Dressy, opaque top with sleeve

Some of you may have different needs such as more pants rather than dresses or skirts.  The key is to find medium to lighter weight materials, flat knits, that can be easily layered or un-layered as needed.

I would love to hear from you if you have ideas and tips on any of these blogs!  Please share!