In these days of weird weather, climate change, and even our body going through the "Change," it is frustrating pulling an outfit together!  Between outside and inside, it's either too hot or too cold or you are the one too hot or too cold.  You don't want to invest in fully separate, seasonal wardrobes.  So what to do?  Layering!

Layering with lighter weight pieces makes adding or subtracting layers easier as you need.  For example, a lightweight tank with a shirt that could be left unbuttoned over the tank and then a cardigan in a flat knit (or jersey) on top.  The bottoms could be a skirt, jeans, leggings, slacks, etc.  Accessories could be jewelry, scarves, and belts.  Feeling warm, take off the cardigan and you are still totally presentable.

Worried about the layers being uneven?  Don't be!  That is what makes the look fresh.  Play with long under short, tight under loose!  Here are some ideas.

You could easily layer a soft cardigan over this shirt.

Here you could play with along sleeved shirt with underlying tank (or even mock neck) and the sleeveless vest is the top layer.

Give it a try!