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What will be a new “normal” in fashion retail?

The coronavirus pandemic of 2020 has turned our lives upside down. As we are all trying to find our footing during these times we are also seeing big changes and disruptions happening around us. As an owner of a women’s boutique I am already seeing the shift within the fashion industry. Amanda Mull, writer for The Atlantic, has an informative article on just that topic titled Fashion’s Racism and Classism Are Finally Out of Style, published July 7, 2020. Some of my vendors have shuttered their companies. Some of the larger ones are cutting their offerings in half. I see our choices becoming narrowed, neutral and safe. I agree with the groundswell of social justice; we will not be seeing the push of exclusivity and elitist based fashion as in the “old” days. I am also seeing a bit of backlash to fast fashion with respect to mass consumption and waste. Slow fashion is entering the main-stream. If this is what fashion retail is “not,” what is it becoming?

Looking to the future of the fashion industry I see it moving toward, and for some continuing, advocating personal style over aspirational looks. I see it working on furthering sustainability, creating happiness and pleasure, blending form and function. Clothing, and accessories, should make you feel good, powerful, secure, happy,... We use clothes (with their structure, texture, color) to support ourselves in job interviews, tough situations, presentations, positions of authority. We also use clothes to soothe, comfort, and console ourselves. Lines of Designs has always been operated by the philosophy of helping you find what works for you, is comfortable and flattering, and works with your existing wardrobe.

I try to work with companies that are USA manufacturers, that are sustainable, and some are even considered “slow-fashion.” I am presently working on my own designs so that I may offer you more choices in colors and fabrics. And as always: I can customize the fit just for you.

Drop me a line, call, or stop by; I would love to hear your thoughts on the future of fashion.