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  • Euc Lav

    Shower Bomb by Rinse Bath & Body Co.

    Shower Bombs by Rinse Bath & Body Co. are available in two flavors: Eucalyptus and Lavender. How to Use: We recommend cutting your Shower Bomb into 4 pieces as you should get 4 great aromatherapy showers per shower bomb! Set your piece of shower...

  • Skin STICK Blue Citrus Patchouli

    Skin Stick by Rinse Bath & Body Co.

    The perfectly portable lotion. Throw it in your pocket or purse & apply it here, there or anywhere (including on the airplane - no resealable bag needed here). It's like a lip balm, but for the rest of your body. Skin Sticks are great for cuticles,...

  • Front

    Beard Balm by Rinse Bath & Body Co.

    Encourage your whiskers to obey! Helps tame fly-aways and provides much needed structure and shine. 100% natural unscented balm that provides added manageability and moisture to wispy whiskers. Don't limit the Beard Balm only to beards, it has proven...

  • Beard Oil

    Beard Oil by Rinse Bath & Body Co.

    Argan Oil, Squalane Oil (derived from the olive), Grapeseed Oil & Coconut Oil team up to moisturize, provide a natural (non-greasy) sheen & tame the whiskers while helping to keep the skin below supple & healthy. While those oils do the...

  • Front

    Beard Soap by Rinse Bath & Body

    Rosemary and Spearmint Essential Oils are blended with Dead Sea Mud and Bentonite Clay to make this soap gently cleansing (for both the skin and whiskers), refreshing, reinvigorating and slick (for your razor if you choose). The Dead Sea Mud in this bar...

6 of 6 Items